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>> deadly attack, dozens killed as a marketplace is bombed in the pakistani city of quetta. it was the latest bombing to target the southwestern city's shia minority. we'll have the very latest. you're watching al-jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program -- thousands rally in tunisia in support of the government and against the the prime minister's plan to dissolve it. the search goes on but there's no trace of the meteorite that left a trail of destruction across central russia and the
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winner is, we'll be live from the berlin film festival with news of who's got the golden bear. thank you for joining us. a bomb targeting people shopping for vegetables has once again highlighted pakistan's deep sectarian tension. at least 60 have been killed in an explosion in the southwestern city of quetta. more than 200 were injured when a bomb exploded outside a market. police say it was aimed at the region's minority shia population. attacks in quetta have killed more than 200 in the past month. we have the latest from islamabad. what more do we know about this attack? >> hi, barbara. what we know is that this bomb, which went off in this market was very powerful bomb.
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it was an improvised explosive device and more than 60 people were killed and well over 200 people were injured. this attack, of course, comes only five weeks after another major attack, pakistan's worst ever sectarian attack in which close to 100 people were also killed in a similar bombing. the people targeted in that attack and this attack are the same. they are ethnic minorities from the hazara tribe. they are shia minorities, as well, and yet again, they've been attacked in their community in quetta. now, the government here in pakistan has promised to keep these people safe but as the attacks have shown, rather they haven't been able to do so. >> i guess the question now is, who did it and why. tell us a little bit more about the group which has claimed responsibility for this attack. >> the group that's claimed
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responsibility for the attack is a group no one as lack shar youngy a pro sunni sectarian group, band in pakistan in 2001, and has carried out a string of attacks against variety minority communities in pakistan but recently they've been targeting the hazara shia community. as we have been saying, this is the very same group which carried out the attack in january. this is the very same group which carried out saturday's attack in which more than 60 people were killed. now, again, as we have been saying, the government here has promised to go after this group but they've shown very little ability to do anything about these attacks being carried out by lakshar jungdi. >> thank you. afghanistan's president
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happened -- had hamid karzai, said he will ban -- after a joint operation killed 10 in the northeast. karzai says international support must now stop. >> i will issue a decree tomorrow that no afghan security forces under any circumstances can ask for foreign planes to carry out operations on our homes and villages. >> thousands of protestors have gathered in tunisia's capital in support of the country's ruling ennahda party, rejecting a proposal for the government's technical specialists to take over. >> they show support for tunisia's ennahda party. thousands converging on the focal point of the 2011
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revolution. they are taking aim at secular parties, blaming them for the rising tension and growing divide between conservatives and secularists. >> i'm here to show my support for legitimacy in islam. we are opposed to injustice, dictatorship and violence. >> they've come from different regions of tunisia to show their support, with black flags on the avenue denouncing what is described as plots to discredit islam. >> we are targeted by remnants of the former regime, theetrators collaborating with foreign powers. they have to know this is our country. >> after being persecuted for years under the previous government ennahda emerged after the 2011 elections as the biggest bloc in parliament.
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it now leads a coalition and controls the ministries of justice, interior, finance and foreign affair. its ponents and allies say ennahda should be more inclusive and expand the ruling coalition. tunisia's prime minister has called for a government made up of technocrats and non-political members, dismissed by these supporters who insist ennahda should be in power until the end of the transitional period. now, they have a strong signal to send to their opponents ennahda remains the biggest political party in tunisia al-jazeera. >> the soldier in charge of iraq's intelligence economy and two bodyguards have been killed
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in a suicide bomb attack. it happened near the home of brigadier general ali aouni in the northern town of tal afar outside of mosul. >> the head of baghdad's intelligence academy was killed by a suicide bomber near tal afar a city near mozul and the syrian border that has been in the past controlled by al qaeda. there is fear that group is coming back again and particularly fears by security officials and government officials that fighters affiliated with al qaeda are going back and forth through syria. tal afar was taken over by that organization until iraqi and u.s. forces drove them out in 2005 but it has as have other places in iraq, been increasingly violent. north of baghdad on saturday, a senior judge was reported killed
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by a sticky bomb attached to his car. assassinations have also been increasing assassinations of judges lawyers intelligence officials and interior ministry officials, all of that against a backdrop of political turmoil that has many iraqis worried about what's coming next. >> in somalia, at least one person has been killed by a car bomb outside of a beachfront restaurant. police said the bomb in mogadishu was put off by remote control. a journalanist sri lanka will undergo surgery after being shot in a midnight attack in his home. at least three gunman stormed his house in the suburb on friday. doctors say they need to remove a bullet from his neck. critics of the government say political violence against the media has gone unchecked. the prime minister of bangladesh has indicated she'd support a ban on the country's largest
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islamic political party. the comments comes as tens of thousands join the funeral of an anti-islamic blogger who was murdered, found dead outside his home on friday. demonstrators suspect he was killed for sending out of the party, calling for the execution of the party's leaders. it appears al qaeda left a vital document behind in mali that gives incite into the workings of the organization. inside a building in timbuktu, reporters found a leader signed by their senior commander in africa outlining al qaeda's plans to conquer northern mali and reveals divisions in the organization. britain, france and germany, all say they want an international law to prevent multinationals from avoiding millions of
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dollars in taxes. the issue has topped the agenda at a meeting of g20 finance leaders in moscow. >> g20 finance ministers arriving in moscow have set themselves an ambitious agenda, rewriting global tax laws first introduced nearly a century ago an attempt to tackle so-called profit shifting by big multinationals. leading the call for reform, britain's finance minister george osborne angered by tax avoidance by companies like google and amazon. >> we all want international businesses located in our countries and doing business in our countries and employing people in our countries and certainly britain wants to have one of the most competitive tax systems in the world but we want businesses to pay the taxes we set in our countries and that cannot be achieved by one
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country alone. >> there were demonstrations outside of starbucks in london when it was revealed the coffee giant paid just $13 million corporation tax in 14 years trading in the u.k. in 2011, starbucks had u.k. sales of $620 million and in the u.s. facebook paid no corporate tax despite recording profits of over $1 billion. >> for the most part, the companies are not breaking the law but avoiding paying tax through legal loopholes rather than evagged it and it means using accounting mechanisms they can move where their profits are recorded around the world in different tax jurisdictions and thereby avoiding paying as much taxes had they been based in a particular country. >> finance ministers warn global recovery would be affected if countries attempted to weaken
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currencies for economic gain. >> lots more to come on the program, including singapore gets militant as thousands take to the streets to protest against the immigration and how technology in the united states could be able to help blind people to see again. >> hello and welcome to the look at world weather. we'll start in the americas and across south america we've seen heavy showers across peru and bolivia, towards paraguy and southern brazil. forecast suggests we could see heavy downpours, a wet one in buenos aires. further north a scattering of
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showers across the amazon basin a move towards venezuela and colombia scattering showers here. as we move through into the caribbean, we have a trough of low pressure extending across the region so we are likely to see cloudy skies for jamaica and one or two heavy downpours particularly havana and cuba, 19 degrees. showers expected for panama and costa rica. much of mexico, dry and fine, 24 degrees expected in mexico city. in north america, cold in the northeast as temperatures at or below freezing certainly for eastern parts of canada looking cold. towards the west, snow across the rockies, dry further south with highs of 21 in l.a.
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>> welcome back. here's a reminder of our main headlines on al-jazeera. at least 72 people are known to have died in an explosion at a vegetable market in southwestern pakistan in the city of quetta. at least 200 people were injured. afghanistan's president hamid karzai, says he will ban afghan security forces from calling in nato air support while in residential areas and thousands of protestors have gathered in tunisia's capital in support of the country's ruling ennahda party. rebel fighters in syria are claiming another victory near the city of aleppo, they say they've captured a government base near an international airport, improving their chances of capturing the city. here's our correspondent. >> syrian rebel fighters say they have captured a vital military installation, the 80th
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regiment air defense complex east of aleppo. its job was to defend aleppo's international airport and air base, less than two kilometers away. seizing the regiment could be decisive to rebels in aleppo and bring them close to their goal of controlling the city. >> we made advances and were able to break the air base's first defense mechanism, which is important because it's the main artery of aleppo. >> according to the rebels, the fight to take over the 80th regiment after they managed to get into the base took no more than two hours. several soldiers and pro government loyalists were killed. the rebels say increasing defection is forcing the army to get help from pro-government militias. >> soldiers know nothing but to
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escape. they were hiding within walls and escaped within an hour and a half. >> and they left behind stacks of sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons for the rebels to use. they've long complained about fighting a war without being adequately armed but it appears the recent gains could change that. rebel fighters are focusing efforts on attacking military bases in aleppo. when captured, they are an instant source of ammunition, crippling the army's ability to carry out air strikes in the area. the plan, the rebels say, is to seize other nearby air bases and the international airport. >> iran's supreme leader says his country doesn't want nuclear weapons but the ayatollah said
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no country can stop iran from getting nuclear power if it wants to. >> the contention is not about nuclear weapons but an inalienable right of the iranian nation uranium enrichment and peaceful use of capabilities. you want to stop this and you can't and the iranian nation will do what it has a right to do. >> north korean leader kim youngune has made his first public appearance since handing out awards in memory of king jong il. singapore is not a place renowned for civil unrest but thousands have staged a public protest against the government. it's believed to be the biggest demonstration in the country in nearly 50 years and it's all about immigration. >> they gathered in the rain in
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thousands, largest protest in 50 years in normally tranquil singapore, a sign, say protestors, of the growing disconnect between the ruling elite and other citizens. >> will benefit singapore in the long run. population ratio of singaporeans minority. >> the government hopes to increase the population from 5.3 million to around 6.9 million by 2030. singapore is the third most expensive city in asia and one of the world's most densely populated. activists say growth will outpace development and the rush of new workers will hurt singaporeans. foreigners make up around 40% of singapore's population and protestors are concerned the balance of power could tip against them. >> we definitely will come, people who want to contribute to
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singapore but not indiscriminately until it affects the social fabric of our society. >> my generation built this country. we paid a lot in taxes and got very little freebies and right now it's an insult to us to not acknowledge it, for the government to say we will need a load of foreigners to support us. >> singaporeans face a serious dilemma. the birth rate is increasing, the population aging so for the economy to continue to grow, it will need foreign workers. >> i think a lot of singaporeans are concerned that at this time emphasis on growth is not putting enough emphasis on wellbeing and social security safety nets in an aging transforming population. >> no one is denying that singapore's population needs to increase to support continued development but how that is managed and what singaporeans get out of it is becoming a point of contention and unlike before singaporeans seem more
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willing than ever to demand action from elected leaders. >> a reality television show featuring oscar pistorius' girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, has aired on south african tv two days after she was shot dead. the series was filmed in jamaica several months ago. south africa state broadcasters say the first episode is dedicated to steenkamp, shot four times at her boyfriend's home on thursday. olympic runner pistorius denied killing her. his uncle gave a statement about the case. >> as you can imagine our entire family is devastated. we are in a state of total shock, firstly about the tragic death of reeva who we all got to know well and cared for deeply over the last few months. after consulting with our legal representatives, we deeply regret the allegations of premeditated murder.
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we have no doubt there is no substance for the allegations and that the state, including its own forensic evidence, strongly refutes any possibility of premeditated murder. >> it was unexpected and spectacular in equal measure and now more than 24 hours after a meteor came from outer space with no warning, the damage is having to be cleaned up in russia's chelyabinsk region. experts say it had the force of 20 atomic bombs and will have caused more than $30 million in damage. but it could have been worse. >> collapsed walls blown out windows, streets littered with shattered glass. the russian city of chelyabinsk cleans up after friday's
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spectacular cosmic event. more than 20,000 workers are helping repair damage caused by the meteor. the fireball streaking above the ural mountains created a sonic bomb shattering 200,000 square meters. the meteor packed a punch of 10,000 tons, the equivalent of 4,000 land rover vehicles racing to the earth at a staggering 15 kilometers per second. speed and friction heated the air to thousands of degrees causing the light show in the sky. still, scientists explain it was nearly impossible to see it coming. >> the meteorite came more or less from the direction of the sun. it was kind of masked.
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optically, it would be difficult to detect because it was coming with the sun behind it so you couldn't see. >> fragmentss of the meteorite are believed to have fallen in this icy lake. >> in a matter of seconds, it grew from a small tennis ball to a huge ball and then an explosion, no sign, just unbelievable bright flash like magnum and i noticed seven big sparkles went down this way. >> the meteor disintegrated, reducing the force of impact at ground level and that's good because the blast it produced in the sky was 20 times stronger than the atomic bomb that dropped on hiroshima. >> the top prizes have been awarded at the berlin film festival. a jury has made its choice from 90 movies submitted from around the world, films with female
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leads making up some of the front-runners at this year's event. from berlin, nick, who won? >> and the winner is, "child pose" by colin peter in effector, a member of the romanian new wave, the story about a woman architect fighting to keep her son out of jail. her son ran over a child and is facing years in jail. it is at once their story but also the story of the decadence of the romanian borg with a xi and the corruption inside the police and judiciary in that country and this is what the movie looks like.
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>> and that was one of the movies that won there in berlin. so, nick the women have featured prominently, both in front of and behind the camera. can you tell me how many won, if any? >> a large number, i can't break down the numbers because there were a large number of prizes and i won't worry you with every in and out but listen, more than half of the members of the jury were women. there were a large number of women behind the camera directing big movies, including one with catherine deneuv starring starring in it and a movie
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"gloria" features a woman who is in her 60's and has decided to live. she's rediscovering life. one of the critics said this is not about your usual hollywood starlet but people entering middle age and discovering what life is all about again and catherine deneuve has a movie as well, at age 69. she is taking the lead role in "on my way," a road movie, believe it or not, playing the role of a woman running a restaurant, not a glamorous role. she decides to go off to buy cigarettes and does not come home, leaving behind the restaurant that causes her worry and her mother that causes her
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concern, as well. the theme has been about women taking control behind the camera. the women in front of the camera not your usual hollywood starlets but real-life women the kind of women we meet every day, of all ages and that's one of the big overlying themes in this festival which has been overtly political. if there is a political message that it's time
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